How to improve your salary with Six Sigma certification?

Which path to follow to earn more as six sigma green belt, or six sigma black belt? Six sigma training and certification is not enough…

This article covers:

  • What to believe on certification providers sites?
  • Surprise after six sigma training?
  • So, how salary increase works?
  • When can you be promoted?
  • Six Sigma is easy
Truth about six sigma salaries

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What to believe on certification providers sites?

I have noticed interesting thing, during my research about the best six sigma certification provider. On some providers webs, there are information about salary average hight that you can earn as a white belt, yellow, green belt, or black belt. Or even a master black belt. This information is used to convince potential students as one of the reasons to apply, and pay.

Truth is, there are only 4 sites out of about 20, that are mentioning kind of info. Truth also is, that they are not promising anything, only that you might potentially earn this amount of MONEY. But my impression is, that people can be confused with higher expectations. So, they can spend their money for something, that will use minimally. And be frustrated, because with salary, nothing will happen.

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It is only you, who can influence how fast you grow

TOP 11 Green belt and Black belt certification companies review

ranked companies

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Surprise after Six Sigma training?

I have trained about 140 green belts during my career, and I noticed similar expectations. There will be huge change after I get six sigma trained. And obviously nothing happened.

Dear friend. Any training, or any certification will not change your salary! Only your expertise, your hard work, your dedication and commitment will. Nothing else.

Oh yes. Six sigma can help you with that. Can support you. But it is you, that must be using it. It is you, who must start with changes. Must be you showing others, that they can work and live easier. Nobody else.

How much Black belts earn?

5 easy ideas for (not just) first Green belt project

Download Q & A´s

I have prepared Black Belt interview questions, that I was asked on full time black belt interview. I work in this position over 8 years. I agree, that if you answer those question and you live it the way that is written in this QaA´s, you will get that position. This is preview of what you get:

interview QA page 1, 2
interview QA page 3 + tips

Download 18 Black Belt interview questions on the link below

So, how salary increase works?

Let me give you an example. There are 2 young carpenters in wood mania company. Both studied the same school, both have same tools to use, same knowledge, they started the same day.

First carpenter works well, provides a good quality. He finishes his job on time, is reliable. Company owner is satisfied with him.

Second carpenter works well too, with good quality. Doing his job on time, he is reliable, too. But on top of regular, the expected work, he provides support to other colleagues. He is trying to improve his and his colleagues surroundings. Trying to organize work to help himself to be easier.

Now, if you were in the shoes of this company owner.

Will you promote anyone of these two folks?

Salary increase example

I will maybe surprise you, but my answer is no. No, you will not promote even the second carpenter just because he works harder. As the owner, you will appreciate harder working person, if his work is consistent. You might be more thankful.

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Green belt project selection – calculator

I recommend you testing project idea on project calculator, I have developed based on my training experiences. It will help you to determine, how demanding leading project will be for you.

THis is how my calculator looks like

Selection tool downolad

You can download selection tool on the link below:

When can you be promoted?

You will not promote unless, there is a good reason, like company growth. And with that, the harder-worker has higher chances to be promoted.

I passed the same experience – it is normal

The same is with lean six sigma certification and salary increase. No change, just because you are certified. But higher chance if you show growing skills, leading people, helping others.

I am not different; I passed the same experience. I was six sigma trained as a manufacturing engineer. After 2 years of trying to use method, helping to improve processes on top of my regular job, general manager noticed, that I have some good results. And he offered me a full time black belt job. And even then, my salary did not changed. It remained the same. But I have enjoyed my new role, and new knowledge.

And salary increase finally came.

I wish you to be patient. Do your best, and you will be noticed.

DMAIC warehouse example – read here

DMAIC tool list (tollgate) – download

DMAIC tool list
Six Sigma salaries training video

22 green belt providers review

first 11 companies review

Price is very first information available in following column. It varies from several dollars through hundreds, to thousands of dollars. This variation is mostly caused by the way green belt is delivered. If online, price will be in hundreds, in thousands for classroom training and certification.

Notice, that some companies provides certification only.

That means training is not included. This is the next column information. In the case of training required, additional fees will be counted. These certification only companies cooperates with accredited training providers. So, you can get a training, if needed.

How to perform Kaizen event? – read here

Not all prices are in dollars. You can find in euro, or pounds. I just provided the same currency as provided on the web. There is one company, that do not provide green belt at all, but might provide other six sigma trainings.

I have included some other criteria, presented at the beginning, like certification language, company origin. Next to it is if there is World-wide certification and diploma provided, then company rating and accreditation. Last column is about additional fees, that you might be paying during the course.

Second 11 companies review

Download green belt prices review table

You can download above introduced table for free, on the link below:

Six sigma is easy

Do not be scared of using these tools wrong way. It can be part of your learning curve, which is ok. Improve your skills by repeating, and using each tool over and over again.

Remember, if you improve process during your first projects by 60%, 40%, or even by 20% it is worth it. You can repeat improving initiative, and improve process next time a litter better. Just keep to have a fun.

Do not forget to visit and subscribe my YouTube channel. I am uploading Six Sigma, Lean and Project oriented videos regurarly. So, stay tuned.

Yours sincerely Erik.

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