Six Sigma Green Belt by Goleansixsigma- How great is it?

There are several aspcects, that green belt training should have. I have passed Goleansixsigma company – six sigma green belt training. This is a brief review of pros and cons, that might help you with choosing certification and training, that will suit to you the best.

this article covers:

  • About Goleansixsigma
  • Training price and costs
  • Green belt training details
  • Training phases
  • Examples evaluation
  • Presentation and guidance
  • Test evaluation
  • Goleansixsigma support
  • Little summary by the end
Goleansixsigma initial page

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About Goleansixsigma

Goleansixsigma is one of many companies providing six sigma training and certification. It was one of winners in my research where I compared 11 different green belt and black belt providers.

In this video I am reviewing go lean six sigma green belt online training and certification. I evaluate different course aspects with positive, negative, or neutral sign.

I would like to emphasize, that this article, and related video is not sponsored. It is done just to introduce more details of what to expect from online course to broader audience. It is my personal view, what I find positive, and what are cons of this training.

Type to enter company sites.

There is yellow belt and black belt training, company is providing too. Our scope is green belt training and certification.

There are pros nad cons of several criteria reviewed

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Training price and costs

This is how green belt training and certification info panel looks like.

Green belt intro panel

You can get there by clicking green belt on the main site. Green belt price is 399 USD. But there are offering discounts very often, if you sign in with your email.

It can be up to 30% discount, I believe.

So, if you would like to use this training provider, this is the way how to save some money.

Course price is on the cheaper side of courses reviewed by me. I evaluate price as neutral, because there are little cheaper courses available in the market.

Other way of saving money is, when there are more trainees from your company interested in training, you can get discount. Contact support center with describing how many participants there will be attending, and if any discount possible. You will get an answer within 24 hours, usually with positive feedback.

Price rating is neutral

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I provide 30 minutes of consultations for free:

Green belt training details

All six sigma trainings in go lean are online and self-paced. You have one year opened window to go through the training, after the payment.

Golean also provides trainers option on top of training program. That means, that you can chase progress of all trainees that have assigned to this training. You can simply see all names from your company participating in the training. They call it wave. There can be several training waves monitored too. Ask go lean team to get trainers option through support center.

I give plus to go lean, for how this is organized.

Trainer panel gives opportunity to see all trainees progress

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A3 report template

Great tool to present your project progress:

  • A3 form Excel template
  • Restaurant example – filled A3 report (above used pictures)
Blank A3 problem solving report – Excel template

To download entire A3 report template –click on the link below

Training phases

You will receive sign in email, after the paying the course. There are details how to enter the course. Now you enter course initial page. There is overview of your progress on the right side. Percentage will grow with finalizing each training phase and the test.

Invitation email example

There are six phases. Introduction, and all DMAIC phases.

You start the course by clicking “Continue this course” button.

There are visible training steps on the left side of the screen. You can hide it, if it is disturbing.

Main training window is in the center of the screen. Each training phase has own journey. There are main project steps showed, and followed. There are “roadside” templates available to download for each project step.

Preview of the training panel

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Examples evaluation

Theory is supported by examples in “Bahama bistro”. Restaurant team is applying acquired knowledge in the case study. They are trying to address problems, restaurant is facing, and improve it. Trainee is helping with filling documents, or reviewing information.

Bahama bistro examples are great support during the training

I have to admit, that I love the ways this training created. Easy examples from restaurant environment almost everybody can understand are supported by nice story of how project can be led. Nice job here.

Big plus from my side for easy way of explaining six sigma principles, very nice examples, and trainee involvement in the training. Course is very well structured, and intuitive.

I love the way this training is created – big plus for golaen team

Fast food restaurant DMAIC improvement example – read here

Presentation and guidance

Presentation is explained by virtual teacher. Voiceover is very pleasant and understandable. Is speaking nice and slow with perfect English. Trainee can read whole text on the right side of the screen in the “Notes” section. This is great for not native speakers. Voice can be stopped and repeated anytime.

People can follow training progress and all its steps in “Menu” section.

Another plus for go lean, for understandable training.

Lean improvement example – automotive industry

Test evaluation

Each training phase is closed by the test. Test contains up to 20 questions. And I have to say, that test is really disappointing. What makes it difficult is playing with words. For non-native speakers, which are most of my students, this is a great headache. Truth is, that 70% of questions are easy, when you read and listen carefully to the course. You must read carefully word by word in 30% of questions, and then to decide what can be the answer.

Here are some test quesitons examples:

Test question example 1
Test question example 2
Test question example 3

Download DMAIC tools list, If you would like to follow tools I suggest allways to use.

Download working DMAIC tool list for your usage

I do videos, blog posts, and all templates for free, in my free time. I will appreciate if you can donate me a cup of cofee, for more energy in my creation. (1 dollar counts, too 😉 Click on this link: I would like to support Erik in his effort

Some of my trainees had to repeat some test sections like 6, or 7 times. When you imagine, that it takes 30 minutes to pass the test, it is quite of time, right? I have to admit, that I had to repeat test for “measure” and “analyze” phase 3 times, and I thought, how skilled am I in six sigma. 🙂

Positive on taking test is, that there are endless repeating opportunities. Well, during one year window trainee has to get certified. What is also positive, that in the end, you will pass the test, but you must be patient.

I give my first minus for go lean six sigma tests, because of its difficulty.

Test rating is not good, because its playing with words makes it very dificult.

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Goleansixsigma support

Training language is English. I am not aware of any other option go lean is providing. But this is understandable, because it is US company based in Hawaii.

Support in the case of any difficulty is great. You simple reply on received initial email with your challenge description. It was 48 hours maximum time I was waiting, and it was due to vacations. Normal reply is within 24 hours with really addressing your problem.

One more plus goes to go lean team for support.

Great support by goleansixsigma team

By the end of the course, you get certification. You can download it from the sites, and you will receive it into your email in pdf format. It is word wide recognized certification. You can share it on social media like linked in, or Facebook.

Goleansixsigma certification dimploma example

Go lean six sigma is supporting different companies and its team with lean six sigma trainings.

What I suggest all the time when running training is, try to apply acquired knowledge immediately to some small project. I have created video with 5 simple training suggestions for (not just) first green belt projects.

Easy project charter + template – read here

Little summary by the end

There are seven evaluation criteria I have chosen to rate this training. 5 of them are positive, one out of them, the explaining six sigma, is super positive. Price criteria is neutral. I rated test difficulty as minus.

Overall rating Goleansixsigma online green belt course is positive.

I strongly suggest go lean six sigma as a six sigma training and certification company for English speaking trainees.

Training summary – criteria evaluation

I do videos, blog posts, and all templates for free, in my free time. I will appreciate if you can donate me a cup of cofee, for more energy in my creation. (1 dollar counts, too 😉 Click on this link: I would like to support Erik in his effor

Do not forget to visit and subscribe my YouTube channel. I am uploading Six Sigma, Lean and Project oriented videos regurarly. So, stay tuned.

Yours sincerely Erik.

Goleansixsigma review – training video

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