How to use A3 report – example and template for free

A3 report is one page report about project progress, its background, and challenges. It is easily explanation tool for broader audience, and stakeholders interested in the project.

this article contains:

  • What is A3 problem solving report?
  • A3 report out as a option
  • Steps to create A3 report
  • A3 report example – Restaurant improvement
  • A3 report at project start
  • A3 report as project progress
  • A3 report at project end
  • A3 report template download
A3 helps with: report: progress, project background, and sharing challenges

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What is A3 problem solving report?

On a literal level, A3 refers to a paper size 29.7 x 42.0 in cm 11ร—17 in inches. In the lean six sigma world, we use this report out tool to show teams thinking, when addressing project goal. Use A3 during whole project life cycle. Create A3 right after project charter creation.

Discuss with stakeholders about reporting option

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A3 report out as a option

Well, I suggest to agree with stakeholders, the way they want to see project report out. There are different ways possible. And A3 is one of possibilities.

So, no need to use A3 in every project. But be consistent, once using it.

A3 creation, preparation and updating is much faster, than creating presentation for example. It is simple to use and read. It is great tool, when presenting more projects updates in one meeting. A3 helps team focusing on the project goal and its deliverables, and makes it much simpler to review progress for those interested in the project.

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A3 form template, is available for download in the end of this article. For free. Use it, share it.

To understand A3 example, watch Fast food improvement video first

Steps to create A3 report

These are areas should be filled at project beginning, as already mentioned.

  • Project name,
  • Current state pains
  • Project goal, and the
  • Section with team information

It takes some time with working on projects following DMAIC. But it worth it. So, do not jump into the solutions however attractive and tempting it would be. Try to understand current problem, identify your ideal state, and create a plan to reach it.

This is a excel project charter to download – preview

Here is a link to download project charter template for your usage, with the brief description of each section. You are free to share and distribute this list.

I do videos, blog posts, and all templates for free, in my free time. I will appreciate if you can donate me a cup of cofee, for more energy in my creation. (1 dollar counts, too ๐Ÿ˜‰ Click on this link: I would like to support Erik in his effort

A3 sections to be updated this way..

  • Create 4 sections prior project start, as mentioned.
  • Develop high level activities and their schedule in project beginning together with team. It can be DMAIC phases at beginning. You can add more details as progressing with project.
  • Update the rest of A3 areas with project progress. Do the update together with your team.
  • Review A3 during one on one project progress review with sponsor, prior showing to stakeholders.
  • Update stakeholders regularly. Minimally after finishing each project phase.

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A3 report example – Restaurant improvement

Let me share an A3 report example with you. A3 refers to my earlier video – improving fast food restaurant, called “Eating mania”.

Fast food restaurant improvement – A3 is refering to.

OK, you can argue, that there is no real stakeholder in this project, to whom to report out. It is true statement. I will show correlations between project, and reporting out progress by A3.

Restaurant owner has a problem with very slow business growth. And he would like to develop process, that would bring 15% more customers in 3 months. This is perfect project goal.

Download DMAIC tools list, I suggest allways to follow.

Download working DMAIC tool list for your usage

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A3 report at project start

And this is how A3 would look like when project starts:

A3 report – project beginning. Data should be equal with Project charter

Team have developed high level project plan right after project kick off. There are leaders of each step, time frame where each step should be addressed. It needs teams discussions to define those steps, when there is no experienced leader.

Update at project early stage – project plan creation

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A3 report as project progress

As team is progressing, accomplished tasks are updated with current status. Additional information, as Analysis, and project challenges is provided to the report. Use pictures, graphs or other visualization to show used tools in the analyze section.

Follow ups and challenges are here to share with stakeholders and sponsor, what difficulties team is facing. You might ask for helping hand in the case team is stuck up.

You can update any A3 section accordingly, as project goes on. It must reflect reality.

A3 report as project progress

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A3 report at project end

And this is A3 after finishing whole project. Note, there are project results showed in follow up, and analyze section. It is important to share positive things, as well as those, which did not run very well, and need some more attention, or different approach.

And there you are. Filled A3 report after project finalization.

Project finalization A3 report out – problem is resolved

A3 report template

What you will get, by downloading this file:

  • A3 form Excel template
  • Restaurant example – filled A3 report (above used pictures)
Blank A3 problem solving report – Excel template

To download entire A3 report template โ€“click on the link below

I do videos, blog posts, and all templates for free, in my free time. I will appreciate if you can donate me a cup of cofee, for more energy in my creation. (1 dollar counts, too ๐Ÿ˜‰ Click on this link: I would like to support Erik in his effort

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Yours sincerely Erik.

A3 report – training video

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