DMAIC Process, DMAIC Model – How to successfully use it

There are different approaches how to become a winner. The one I successfully use, and I strongly suggest to use, is called: Lean Six Sigma – DMAIC

This article covers:

  • DMAIC model – why to use it.
  • What is DMAIC process?
  • Six sigma tools – order to use.
  • Tool list (tollgate) – download for free.
DMAIC tool list

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DMAIC model – why to use it

It is hackneyed phrase to say, that people are trying to be better and live better every day. But truth is, that improvements are engine for earning more money, better living, working safer…

To earn more, you need to build some of your skills isn´t it? To decrease some heavy work from 40 to 5 minutes or to zero you need to do something about it. Or get food in 10 minutes after order instead of 30? Some change needs to happen. There are tons of great examples in this word, that are evidence that improvement is possible and it worth it.

And the ones, who are able to deliver faster, can do something cheaper are winners.

erik from six sigma mania

How to create a project charter read here (template included)

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Six Sigma Black Belt interview questions – my experience

What is DMAIC process?

DMAIC is a core method to drive six sigma projects. I know people that will have nettle-rash just by pronouncing “project” word :D. Yeah, sometimes project leaders do not do very good job, by jumping to fast and not very efficient solutions. This ruins projects reputation.
Project, how I see it, is an activity to deliver good change or positive results – called improvement.

Launch path for positive changes is understanding current situation deeply. And then proven method to improve.

Business case explanation with the best example – read here

Take Six Sigma method as an umbrella covering different toolboxes, that allows us to react on different opportunity types.

  • DMAIC – to improve existing
  • DMEDI – to create not existing
  • PDCA – to sustain and develop running

Let’s focus on DMAIC in this article.

DMAIC is a method, that helps to improve current existing processes, we are not satisfied with their performance.

DMAIC is an acronym that stands for: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. These are five phases followed during the project life cycle. Every phase requires some steps to be accomplished. To make sure, team is following the right path, that will lead to the ultimate project goal.

Why is Lean and Six Sigma used together? – read here

As I said, it is a toolbox, like toolboxes, that for example plumber is using to fix dripping tap. There are many tools in this toolbox, so it can be difficult to choose the right order to use them.

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DMAIC tools – order to use

Showed list is divided to the main tools and sub-topics, that belongs to it. Example: in defined phase project charter is a main tool, and subtopics are business case, opportunity statement, project goal, scope, high level plan and team resources.

DMAIC tool list

DMAIC tool list (tollgate) – download

Main tools in DMAIC define phase are:

project charter, communication plan, project benefits, voice of customer transformed to critical customer requirements, high level current state process map, waste walk and business risk management.

In DMAIC measure phase main tools are:

data collection plan, operational definition, list of measures definition, baseline measures, financial how and process owners identification.

Run chart vs. Control chart – understand the difference here

DMAIC analyze phase contains:

as is value-added and non-value-added activity , process capability , critical inputs evaluation , problem statements review , root cause evaluation , budget evaluation, business risk management and stakeholder review .

How to perfom Gemba Walk + guideline read here

DMAIC improve phase:

solutions, new future state map, 5S, Kanban, work cell design, solution selection, FMEA, high level implementation plan.

How to develop and use SIPOC diagram? read here

and finally, DMAIC control phase main tools are:

pilot solution, detailed implementation plan, standards and procedures, training plan, monitoring, business risk management , financial benefits update, final stakeholders review, transition to process owner and opportunities replication evaluation.

How to run DMAIC in the office? read here

Do not forget. Six sigma is referring to a data-driven improvement cycle used for improving, optimizing and stabilizing business processes and designs.

So do not jump into the solutions however attractive and tempting it would be. Try to understand current problem, identify your ideal state and create a plan to reach it.

By following tool list, one tool after another in listed order, you will be able successfully finish your project goal.

It is not necessary to use all these tools all the time.

Just as you go through your project, take in consideration, how following tool can help you in the problem resolution.

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Green belt project selection – calculator

I recommend you testing project idea on project calculator, I have developed based on my training experiences. It will help you to determine, how demanding leading project will be for you.

THis is how my calculator looks like

Selection tool downolad

You can download selection tool on the link below:

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I wish, this list will help you improving your surroundings, process, or yourself. Whatever is your intent to use it.

Do not be afraid of mistakes. And do not be worried to start changes. It is worth it to just start and learn on the way. These tools are here to serve us, not reverse. If you need, adapt it to your requirements.

Yours sincerely Erik

Find your way to be a winner 😊

DMAIC production and manufacturing example

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