How to do FMEA? – simple tires exchange example

Learn FMEA on simple tires exchange example. What are key rules, how to proceed, and how to evaluate it?

this article covers:

  • What is FMEA?
  • Rules during FMEA
  • How to fill FMEA scoring table?
  • FMEA as a living document
  • How to address risks?
  • FMEA tires exchange example
  • FMEA template
FMEA example – lreviwed in this article

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What is FMEA?

F M E A is one of tools, that helps us understand potential failures in the processes, failure causes, and their effects. By understanding this, we can focus on reducing all these not needed influences.

F M E A is an acronym, that stands for – Failure Mode and Effect Analysis. There are different F M E A types: Functional, Design, and Process F M E A.

We use team experiences with similar products, processes, or common-sense logic, to estimate failure probability. There is a worksheet used to record these potential failures, and analyze reliability under the video.

Rules during FMEA

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Rules during FMEA

Here are some rules to follow when creating F M EA:

  • Identify process of one product, you would like to review. Try to address entire process under your control. Divide it if it is too wide. You can use value stream map, or process map for process identification.
  • If you are running improvement project, address processes within project scope. Process mapping can help you with identification. Do not solve whole facility at once.
  • Plan this activity in advance. People must count with it in their schedule.
  • Work as a team. Invite at least one person from assessed process. As well as colleagues from different departments
  • Visit, and observe assessed process. Walk to see is key to reveal possible failures.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions, while observing.
Value added / Non-value added activities in the office – training video

Risk assesment and Risk matrix (+template) – read here

Download risk assessment excel matrix

You will get excel matrix with automated calculations. Just follow guideline notes in the the top of the table. Probability and consequences cathegories + countermeasurement efficiency is part of downloaded file. So hurry up, use it, eliminate risks in your processes.

Download 5 step method below
Cathegories and countermeasurement available in download file

Download 5 step assessment template:

How to fill FMEA scoring table?

It is little boring, but you will create and fill table. Write down each process step. There can be several potential failures in each step. Personal observation will help you not skipping anything.

Occurrence defines, how likely failure will occur. Severity ranks failure effect. Detection ranks how likely failure will be noticed. Rank all 3 cathegories by 1 to 10. 1 for the lowest, and number 10 for the most negative impact.

Work in teams to rate probability severity and detection number for each potential failure. Risk preference number is calculated by multiplying all 3 numbers together.

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Download Risk matrix excel template:

Download risk matrix excel template here- it will help you to visualize finding from 5 step method.

Risk Matrix – blank format
Risk matrix example – filled matrix is part of the template

FMEA as a living document

F M E A is a living document. It is key to review it on regular bases. You can start with yearly reviews. It is good to have notes written next to each number for these future reviews. Simply explain, why you have chosen such a number, and people reviewing F M E A will be thankful for it.

Steps performing FMEA

How to address risks?

Now it is time to address and try to reduce the biggest risks based on final RPN.

Use this decision table for action and measures determination. Start addressing potential failures with high risks, first. Then medium risks. Briefly review also acceptable once just to be sure not missing any potential troublemaker.

Reaction / decision matrix – will help you with action urgency

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FMEA tires exchange example

Here is F M E A example on tires exchange. Out of 3 potential failures one have high R P N, one is with medium and one acceptable risk preference number. Do not hesitate to simply describe each potential failure.

Filled FMEA example – add notes to each of team decision

Actions, also called counter-measures, must be bullet-proof to decrease risk to minimum level. Like torque air-gun usage, in the case of bolts not tight properly potential failure.

Now it is time to implement described actions. Idenify owners, set a due dates. Meet regularly to check out progress on implementation activities.

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FMEA template

I have prepared excel FMEA for your usage, for free, of course. This is what you get:

THere is reaction matrix available on one spreadsheet list
FMEA template. RPN and reaction is filled automatically based on your rating

There are 100 lines prefilled in this table. Use it, share it.

You can download FMEA excel template on the link below.

I do videos, blog posts, and all templates for free, in my free time. I will appreciate if you can donate me a cup of cofee, for more energy in my creation. (1 dollar counts, too 😉 Click on this link: I would like to support Erik in his effort

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FMEA training video

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